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We Dance Team By Vikky  Wedding Dance Choreographer help you plan your wedding, set up performances of a life time that would surely have your relatives, friends and loved ones remembering many years! Not only do we help you in setting up performances for events, but we also create theme based sangeet events, dance workshops, wedding  Dance Choreography and also provide with anchors, dancers and celebrities if required!

Wedding Dance Choreographer

  • Sangeet Sandhya is the soul of any Indian wedding. It is an energy filled night when everyone is off their chair and on their feet. Lately,
  • Sangeet ceremonies are held by the bride and groom jointly so that the members from both families get to interact with each other and just have fun!

On this night when both families come together,

Dance with your heart and your feet will follow. It is our pleasure to help you bring out the dance hidden deep within to express your emotions, true and pure, on your special day. Not only will we assist the bridge and groom in their expression of love through dance , but we’ll also choreograph group dance routines for friends and family who wish to move to the beat of the couple’s union. We believe that the elders in your family shouldn’t be left out. We’ve got something for ever

Pick your own tracks, or allow us to choose for you, but one thing is for certain- the entire crowd will be thoroughly entertained and awestruck by the grace and energy that your moves produce. Contact us if you would like your wedding day/night to be an exceptionally memorable one

wedding dance choreographer

We are Wedding Dance choreographer, determined to help you in every ‘step’ of your journey. Below are the list of choreography services which we provide:-

Selection of Songs

Lyrics make you think. Music makes you feel. A good song makes you feel your thoughts. There is a song out there to describe just about any feeling, capture any moment.

No Sangeet is complete without an abundance of song and dance. However, finding that perfect song to suit the intricacies of your emotions can be a laborious task. It involves hours of research and browsing until you chance upon the one song that makes you want to dance all night for your partner. We are here to make your life easier and let you enjoy the moments leading up to your wedding, while we find the tracks that suit all your needs.

Over the years, we have accumulated a wide and exhaustive range of songs from foot-tapping tunes to soul moving melodies. You can be rest assured that our experienced choreographers will aid you in picking those magical numbers that embody your love as a couple.

 Editing of Songs

You’ve got eight minutes to dance, but twelve songs that you want to dance to. You like the chorus of one song, but absolutely adore the opening beats of the other. These are problems everyone faces when it comes to dancing at their Sangeet. You don’t have to worry about downloading amateur online editing software and desperately looking for a tech savvy family member who knows how to operate it! We have the best audio editors who will cut, snip and make a mix of not just your favorite songs but the favorite parts of your favorite songs.

This way you can dance to only the best of the best music, and with the smooth transitions, no one will even notice that you moved from one song to the next. Dance like the track was made just for you, well, because it was!

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