School Dance Choreography

Dance team by vikky

School Dance Choreography

We are Providing Annual day choreography, any School Dance Choreography & regular dance classes in Bollywood, Hip Hop, Acrobatics, Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet, Folk, Semi-classical, Parkour, B-Boying/Breaking in Delhi and NCR

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School Dance Choreography Dance Team By Vikky
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dance team by vikky


School annual day celebrations are incomplete without exciting theme based dance performances by school children of all age groups choreographed by professional choreographers of an Events Company specializing in School Annual Function ( School dance Choreography ) And Other dance Choreography .

School Dance Choreography

We have years of experience in helping schools preparing for annual day program.
Annual Day dance
school dance choreography

Our choreographers are well trained for training students of all age groups

Choreography for Montessori School, Primary School and dance training for students up to intermediate level.

Dance Team By vikky

School dance choreography

School Dance Choreography

School is where young minds blossom. It’s very important for little ones to participate in annual festivals (School dance Choreography), plays and dance shows so that they enhance their confidence levels to face the world fearlessly.

Dance Team By Vikky offers a well-designed school annual School Dance  Choreography course in Delhi to train children for these special events and ensure that the show is a grand success.

Apart from school-going children, our trainers are also adept in teaching parents or mothers if they want to organise a skit or dance program for their children. In this way, mothers get a chance to learn something new and engage in a fun-filled activity.

Our trainers constantly research on new exciting themes for annual day function choreography and follow a streamlined process during practice sessions.

Training children can sometimes be very difficult as they get distracted easily and might forget their steps/ lines very soon. We at Curtains Up Academy make use of the perfect tools and techniques that will engage young kids and make them want to perform better. School students Dance Choreography at Dance Team By Vikky is customized based on the age-groups with respect to the type of steps and training format. We also inspire children and their parents to overcome stage-fright and improve concentration levels.




The Dance Team Academy offer a variety of dance classes and also provide professional choreographers for weddings, birthdays, ladies sangeet ceremony and more. We excel at creating a blend of western modernity and traditional Indian style.

Customized dances especially choreographed for Films, schools, colleges, stage shows, corporate events & Television Shows.Join Aerobics & Zumba for the health & beauty conscious.

Customized & Flexible batches on Weekdays/Weekends for Professionals.

  • Western, Latin & Indian Traditional  Dances along with Aerobics,
  • Bollywood,
  • Salsa,
  • Hip Hop,
  • Contemporary,
  • Locking & Popping,
  • B-Boeing,
  • Disco Dandia,
  • Garba & Folk



From modern to traditional dance moves, this is one form of dance that has a combination of all of them. Contemporary dance is not a definite dance form, but a blend of a variety of steps. Used to express feelings and emotions, this dance forms doesn’t bound you to a particular set of steps. You can always add your own steps and give it your own special touch. Controlled leg work of ballet and modern dance’s stress on the body are the two main combinations that come together to in Contemporary dance. Through beautiful imagery, physical enunciation, this dance form holds the power to alter anything that is mediocrity into something special. Contemporary dance enables you to talk through music and allows you explain through movements. It is performed with the natural alignment of the body and is therefore completely secure for beginners. This is one form of dance that can be performed on any piece of music and still looks simply magical.


Hip Hop evolved from the hip hop culture, and is a very energetic dance form. Usually danced to hip hop music, it allows dancers to perform adding their own personalities. Hip hop is a lifestyle in itself that includes its own language, music, wardrobe style and style of dance. A fun dance, however, it takes a lot of practice to master basic steps and movements. Few of the steps involved are popping, locking, breaking and more. The friendly dance battles that you get to see in movies like Step Up are an integral part of the Hip hop culture.   


Bollywood dancing is an integral part of Indian culture and is unique and energetic. A combination of Indian folk dances, classical dances as well as modern dance forms, Bollywood dance occupies a special place in the hearts of the Indian people.


Have you ever been to a salsa party? Sizzling and sensuous, that’s what defines salsa parties. Learn to move and groove, like a salsa dancer, with us. Salsa dancing originated in Cuba and has spread like a wildfire to different parts of the world. Characterised by an 8-count rhythm and a lead/follow pattern, salsa dancing is perfect for couples and a great opportunity to socialise. Lots of spins, sharp movements and the glamour add to the fun quotient.

 Wedding Choreography

Welcome to the DANCE TEAM Wedding Choreographers website. We are dance choreographers, determined to help you in every ‘step’ of your journey. Do you have an engagement party, a wedding sangeet or any other event in which you have to perform a dance routine with a group of people or singularly? Are you looking for a Sangeet Sandhya Theme? If yes, you have come to the right place!.  

and many more dance Styles